Stairs and Railings

Stairs and Railings

Much like your floor, staircases make a huge impact on your home — visually and in functionality.

Stairs and Railings

Wood Staircases and Railings

We provide a whole suite of customization for your stairs and railing. We can install an all-wood staircase (treads and risers), mix it up with wood treads and painted risers, or wood edges with a runner down the middle — we can help consult on what would be the best fit your home’s style and needs.

We also craft additional stair and railing details, including newel posts, balusters, and metal spindles — all elements that really make your beautiful staircase “pop”!

Installation At-A-Glance — What to Expect

Prep the Room

Before the installation, all furniture will be cleared from the room(s), including the removal of appliances, depending on the room. We will also remove all the existing base shoe in the room.

Prep the Subfloor

The plywood that sits under your hardwood floor needs to be level and in tip-top shape, however, it often needs some TLC. We will reinforce “squeaks” by screwing down edges and leveling areas with a specific leveler or sanding if need be.

Dustless Sanding

We use the most advanced sanding equipment to make sanding your floor as dustless as possible. Our state-of-the-art vacuum systems with air-tight hoses ensure that dust will not invade your home or air ducts. We complete multiple sanding passes on the entirety of your floor, creating the perfect canvas for staining and coating. 

Custom Staining

We have the ability to create custom stain combinations that are endless — allowing you to pick the perfect floor color to complement your space and test it before your final decision. Once stained, we will install the base shoe. 

Three-coat Finish

Lastly, we complete your floor with a three-coat finish from Loba. This water-based finished from Germany is 90 years in the making and guarantees the best protection for your floor. After the first two coats, we do a very light sand to avoid any last imperfections. After the third coat, you will be able to walk on your floor within hours! However, there are a few rules when it comes to rugs and furniture. We recommend waiting two days before moving furniture back onto the floor and seven days for area rugs.

New floors, here we come

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