Our Mission

At Noble Hardwoods, craftsmanship and relationship go hand-in-hand. We craft beautiful, noble hardwood floors that will last generations, and we strive to walk away as friends with the families we serve. Our mission is to provide the people of Kansas City with the best hardwood floors through craftsmanship, honest work, passion, and a joy that can be felt by those who interact with us. We love what we do, and we love the people and families we meet along the way.

Noble Floors crafted by Noble People.

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Our story

Noble Hardwoods’ co-owners, Josiah Smith and Ben Clinton, have nearly two decades of combined experience crafting hardwood floors in Kansas City, working closely together for most of those years. Both started as floor technicians for the same hardwood floor company in Kansas City. After mastering their trade, they decided to create their own hardwood flooring companies — Ben launched Good Wood Floor co., and Josiah founded Noble Hardwoods. After a few years, while remaining close friends, they decided to join forces under Noble Hardwoods. Since then, the Noble Hardwoods’ team has grown, adding passionate craftsmen that work to further Noble’s mission every day — passionately crafting Kansas City’s best hardwood floors and caring for the people who walk on them.

Our story

The Noble Hardwoods story of origin.

The smell of fresh-cut white oak in the morning, a stack of wood bundles silently waiting to be sprawled out, a prepped sub-floor ready to transform into something beautiful, the smiles on our client’s faces at the end of a project — these are just a few reasons why we love what we do.

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Our values

The values that drive our work


We take immense pride in our craft, and we are thankful for our hard-earned ability and skill to serve the people of Kansas City with the very best hardwood flooring. Through decades of learning, teaching, problem-solving, and mastering the art of hardwood floors, we wake up every day excited to bring our craftsmanship into your home — beautifying your spaces for generations to come.


Integrity in our industry is often hard to come by. Integrity is a core trait in our home life and work life. We strive to be committed, honest, trustworthy, and accountable in all of our work — creating the best hardwood floors in Kansas City. We always want to exceed expectations, upholding integral excellence in our craft to be the city's most dependable hardwood floor experts.


The dedication, care, and love we share with our families are the roots that feed our dedication and care for our craft. As individuals, we are family-focused, through and through. We strive to treat every person we serve with the same standards, care, and intentionality that we treat our own family. 


We believe beauty points us to something beyond ourselves. Beauty creates wonder and by doing so demands our attention — simply through its existence in our world. We see every day how hardwood floors instantly spread warmth and beauty throughout an entire home.

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Leadership team

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Noble Hardwoods owner and operator Josiah Smith


Owner, Operator
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Noble Hardwoods owner and operator Ben Clinton


Owner, Quality Control
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Floor Technician, Media Manager
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Floor Technician
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